About Us

Education is one of the main building blocks of a future happy and accomplished individual. The others are love, care, and proper development. We are ready to put all these to work in creating a bright future for your child.

Here, at Busy Building Blocks Academy, we are taking play seriously. Don’t laugh! Kids learn best when they are having fun.

Our highly-qualified staff knows all the latest teaching methods. They know how to turn teaching into an exciting game, filled with adventure, excitement and building team spirit.

Our commitment is that:


Teachers are fully qualified. They view this as a mission, not just a job. They are the link between the center and the family and care for each child as for their own.


The curriculum is up to date. The world is moving fast, and the children need to be ready. We blend traditional approaches like games and physical development with new requirements including foreign languages and tech.


The environment is safe, clean, organized and triggers a sense of joy.

We’re A Team!

We’re a team! We rely on parental involvement to bring out the best in children. After all, your child looks most up to you and we need your help in this process. We hope for a great collaboration, and our door is always open.



We help children build confidence in their abilities. We are very keen on teaching the difference between right and wrong, and we are firm believers in creating an environment where they feel safe. Safe to ask questions, safe to admit they made a mistake and safe to express their individuality.

— Jeana Hounshell, Director


Our Story

The dream of opening a daycare became real in 1983 when Eastgate Childcare first opened its door to children. Eastgate Childcare was known as a loving and safe place for many children. The growth became evident in 1986 when the building expanded. In 1999 management changed, however, the same loving environment continued for many more children. For many years as residents of the surrounding neighborhoods would drive by they would see a landmark in the middle of the playground; a large boat took its place right in the middle for all the children to climb and use their imaginations. In 2017 Eastgate Childcare came under new management and was renamed as Busy Building Blocks Academy. Busy Building Blocks Academy's goal is to build confidence, encourage language skills, develop problem-solving skills and creative expression. Even though things have changed throughout the years; the ownership, the name, the boat and the children, the tradition of continuing to provide a safe, family-friendly, fun learning environment for all children remains the same.


Mission Statement

At Busy Building Blocks Academy we understand that today's children are tomorrow's future, this is one reason why we have chosen to invest in our children.  As our society becomes more education driven we too will be adapting and improving our early childhood curriculum yet, not altering a safe and fun learning environment. Our program is open to everyone regardless of race, religion, or ability.

The mission of our learning center is to provide a safe, family-friendly, fun learning environment for children ages 6weeks -14 years while they are away from home.  Our enrichment focuses on the physical, mental/emotional and social well being and will help children to learn values such as care and respect.  Children will also learn to build confidence, encourages language skills, develop problem-solving skills and creative expression.